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Web-Casts of Lepton-Photon 99 Talks

All of the presentations at this year's conference will be recorded and made available for viewing on the LP99 web site. In addition all of the slides from the talks will be available in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF) from the same web site. So even if you are not able to attend in person you will still be able to become a "virtual" participant. The slides should be available immediately after the talk, and web-casts will be available approximately 12-24 hours after the actual talk.

Sample Video

Next to each presentation in the program you will see the following icons. Click on the appropriate icon to view the slides or the video.

The icons have the following meaning:

Click on this icon to view the slides in PDF format.
Click on this icon to watch the video. You need the RealPlayer version G2 to view the video from this icon. The G2 player will automatically select the appropriate video resolution based on your network connection.
Click on this icon if you are using RealPlayer 5.0. You will only be able to view the video in low resolution (suitable for a 28.8 modem connection).

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What software will I need to view the video?

    The Adobe Acrobat reader can be downloaded for free from the Adobe site (www.adobe.com).The Real Player software can be downloaded for free from Real Networks (www.real.com). (The Real Networks site tries really hard to persuade you to buy the "enhanced" version, so you have to search hard to find the link to the free version.)

    More details of the software needed and its availability for different platforms can be found here.

  2. What speed of connection will I need?

    If you are using the real player G2 the software will automatically choose the best quality video supported by your network connection to SLAC, and up-to 150 kbps. If you are using an older release of the software you will need to select the 5.0 icon and will receive low resolution video (20 kbps)

  3. What if I have trouble viewing the video due to network congestion?

    The video files are also be available for you to download directly to your machine (from here). However the files will be very large (~300 Mbytes each) so the download may take a long time.

  4. What other streaming-media web casts are available from SLAC?

    The Streaming Media Project at SLAC has several other interesting web casts available.

  5. I still have more questions!

    Feel free to contact Tony Johnson or Dennis Wisinski

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